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Strategy and System Design Consultancy for the Biomedical Sciences

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Skills Portfolio


Information fusion

  • Methods and architectures for integration of information from diverse sources into coherent views of particular domains.  Fusion of medical imagery and other clinical information.
  • Early pioneers of the use of the Web as a platform for information fusion and mashups.
  • Very experienced in “ontological engineering” and meta-data methodologies which underpin knowledge fusion environments

Systems  biology and systems medicine

  • Use of formal domain models and integrative simulation technologies for modelling the structure and dynamics of cellular and organ function, integrating gene expression information with information about intra-cellular signalling mechanisms and biochemical pathways.

High performance/capability computing

  • Applications to modeling of complex systems and management of very large, complex data repositories and data mining on high-volume, real-time data streams.
  • Development of specialized processors for large-scale scientific computations.

Data Mining

  • Impact of data-intensive research on fundamental understanding of biological systems. on drug discovery and development, and on medicine.

Strategic Impact of Informatics

  • Impact of data-intensive research on fundamental understanding of bioogical systems. on drug discovery and development, and on medicine.
  • Extensive technical, marketing and business development experience with both start-ups and multi-national corporations, involving considerable senior management exposure; strong presentation and planning skills

Software Engineering

  • Strong requirements analysis and system design skills in data acquisition, data communications/networking and information management
  • Extensive experience of "rapid prototyping" as a systems design methodology
  • Decades of experience in construction of knowledge-based systems and in the cultural and organizational aspects of knowledge-rich commercila and scientific cultures
  • "Soup to nuts" implementation experience for large information management and analysis systems on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows, Mac) and in a wide variety of languages (C, C++, perl, Lisp, SQL, RDBMS/OODBMS tools, HTML/XML, Java)

Application Portfolio


"Information Space Architecture" and “Ontological Engineering”

very large-scale, real-time, knowledge- and information-management systems (text, imagery, sensor data)

"information fusion", knowledge representation and integration

Semantic Web technologies: Web, Java, RDF/OWL--based navigation and query tools

knowledge/structure discovery in databases ("data mining") and text (“text mining”)

Web services: network information and services  discovery and retrieval

interoperability amongst distributed and federated database systems (“mediator” technologies)


Life-science informatics

  • computational biology: genomic and proteomic sequence analysis, database- and knowledge-base management and interoperability
  • medical visualization: 3- and 4-dimensional functional imaging (CT, MRI, nuclear, microscopy)
  •  imagery/multi-media database systems: "telemedicine"/"teleradiology"
  • "systems biology" modelling of neuronal, genomic and other biological systems

“Intelligent systems”

  • finance: trading and funds management decision-support systems
  • life sciences/medicine: KBMS for research, diagnostics and therapeutics

Non-linear dynamical systems (“complexity”) theory

  • applications to finance, economics and biology

Technology Strategy and Business Development

  • informatics and infrastructures for “knowledge management” with particular emphasis on drug discovery and finance
  • architectures for collaborative work and “virtual organizations”
  • harmonizing technological, economic and cultural elements in multi-national organizations
  • business development for small/medium-size companies in the life sciences